Pics from the "Texas Monthly Fashion" magazine VIP Party...

  1. So I don't know if this is in the right forum or not, so John, if it isn't, please move it, thanks....

    pics are not that great, but the party was fun, Jordypants, my wife copped the Burgandy Speedy, the Grafitti "Sprouse" shawl, and a couple of scarves (one for MOM :smile:) ).....also met a great couple from here, and on the board!...

    anyway, here ya go....

  2. The pics were taken with my iPhone....


    thats all I got, too much Champagne after awhile and too much blabing and spending!!.....
  3. OOOOHHHH that looks like fun!!! Congrats on the invite and thanks so much for the pics!!!!
  4. hmm eye candy:drool: I spy angora sweater and striped vintage trunk...
  5. tahnks for sharing!
  6. Very nice. Thanks for sharing! (Congrats to ur wife)
  7. congrats on your wife's new goodies - the Mirage Speedy is awesome! thanks for sharing those photos.

    PS: could you tell me what this colourful striped thing is?


  8. Dunhill, was that at Dallas Galleria?
  9. :graucho:

    Cravate Cha Cha vert
    Collection : Automne Hiver 07/08
    Ref: PR1822

  10. ^^ thanks Moko! i think i want it :nuts:
  11. Nice, I hope you hada a good time! THanks for the pictures.
  12. Wow, looks like fun.

    Thanks for sharing the pictures.
  13. Wow, great photos for a phone! Thanks so much for sharing... I live 850kms from a store and it's lovely just to see the inside of one if I can't get there. I love that shot of the store inside, that wall with all the bags on those shelves.. :graucho:
  14. wow
  15. Looks like you had fun. Thanks for sharing!