Pic's from the so called home look-see LV catolog

  1. this morning i received again a look-see LV cotalog from Belgium,they send me every year 1 or 2 free look-see catolog's and here i would like to share some beautiful pic's from the look see cotalog with you guys :graucho:

    Picture 094.jpg Picture 065.jpg Picture 067.jpg Picture 072.jpg Picture 075.jpg Picture 076.jpg Picture 077.jpg Picture 080.jpg Picture 081.jpg Picture 083.jpg
  2. oooh are those the damier speedies and the keepall i see? :yahoo:.......pretty pretty pretty :love::love:
  3. few more pic's....

    i am giving this catolag away to members who live in Netherland,you only need to pay the envolop and stem.PM me if interested ! :graucho:
    Picture 084.jpg Picture 085.jpg Picture 086.jpg Picture 088.jpg Picture 089.jpg Picture 090.jpg Picture 091.jpg Picture 092.jpg Picture 098.jpg Picture 105.jpg
  4. prices of the Damier : keepall is 595 euros
    Speedy 25 is 415 euros
    Speedy 30 is 430 euros
  5. price list from the catolog for Netherlands and Belgium
    Picture 064.jpg
  6. Great photos in there. Stunning!
  7. ooo is that a taiga or suhali or something of the sort manhattan?! cuuuuuute!!

    and i love that scarf!

    and the more i look at the antigua cabas GM, the more i want it for an overnight/weekend bag!

    thanks for sharing!
  8. That's what I liked! It's very Marc Jacobs-ish!
  9. Thanks for sharing.
  10. you welcome :P
  11. Oh, those Damier Speedies!!!!! :love: :heart:
  12. Thanks for the pics!! More to drool over LOL
  13. I think my heart actually skipped a beat when I saw the Damier Speedy.
  14. I know!!! Lovely. I am excited. :yahoo:

    Does anyone know when the Damier Speedies will be available on elux?
  15. thanks for the pictures I love how they used all those old timey transportation