Pics from the Hermes Bond St., London (windows)

  1. WEll, ladies, DH took some pics of the bags in the Hermes windows on Bond St. in London. Can you identify these bags for me and prices? Especially the purple one with the single handle I love it!!! Thanks all, enjoy the pics!!
    P1010005.jpg P1010006.jpg P1010007.jpg
  2. The only one I know is the white Omnibus...the purple one is darling!
    These pics are so cute!
  3. Traci, that's the Rugby! I love that bag but havne't had a chance to fondle one! I've only seen it in orange until now! The ones on the left are Valparaiso, I believe. NOt sure of prices but I"m guessing around $1,500-$2,000 since many of the textile/leather bags are around that price.
  4. ^^ Really? The Rugby?? And you think it's only 1500-2000? For that big bag? Wow that would be awesome, I think I might like that better than the paris-bomby!!! Thanks for the info!
  5. Oh no, Traci, I am sorry about that. The Valparaisos are probably in that price range. The Rugby and Omnibus bags are quite expensive. I'm horrible w/ exact prices but I am guessing $6K.
  6. The rugby is SO cute! :heart:
  7. Oh ok, I got ya. Ok, then, guess for now I'm sticking with the Paris-Bombay and that cute little mini evelyne. I can't get that bag out of my mind!!
  8. Great pics! Traci go get that mini evelyne!!!
  9. That Rugby is so cute!!! I have the pocket square in the top right hand corner of the pic and wouldn't it look cute on a purple bag? :graucho: Thanks so much for the pics! That was sweet of your DH! :flowers:

  10. Pochette? What's a pochette? (God, I really am a newbie w/ Hermes, huh?) I am making myself laugh now, I am a nut!!!!!)
  11. Mmmm, gorgeous pictures!
  12. Thank you, tr444! :flowers: I always enjoy looking at pics of Hermes window display! :love:
  13. Pochette = Pocket Scarf, aka Gavroche. 47cms x 47cms. The one you see in the corner is called Bolduc. :smile: :smile: :smile:

  14. Traci, thank you for posting the pictures. That purple bag is gorgeous.
  15. The Omnibus is an expensive bag! A very helpful SA once told me a trivia about Omnibus..Noticed the 4 small patches of leather sewn on the front & back of the bag ? I was told that the first batch of Omnibus made by Hermes also has leather patches sewn on the top & bottom of the bag, which means you'll see patches from the top & bottom view...hope I'm making sense here :shame:

    The "first generation" Omnibus was awfully expensive, almost the same price as a Birkin at that time. Hermes then decided to tweak the design & cut down the leather patches to just the front & back of the bag, the price went down a little for the "abridged" version :flowers: