Pics From Saks!new Spring Bag!

  1. This just arrived at Saks....Its the new caviar though..So im unsure whether I likey or not.
    I had a traumatic car day so I didnt get to Saks to see it
    (Took my BMW into dealership for tuneup...which is NEXT to Saks...~!!!...they gave away my loaner car....I had to get an ENTERPRISE rent a car....sigh...A NEON PT CRUISER.GAG..Im ruined for life..LMAO!)...bad weather..the car slid all over so I hightailed it home....ROFL!



    Damian at SAKS,PA was kind enough to email this to me!
  2. sorry to hear you had a tough day Jill...thanks for posting pics, how much is this bag?
  3. it is 2575.....
  4. Jill do you have any info on this bag, style # or price? It looks like a great day bag! Funny I went to the saks nyc trunk show today and I didnt see it there. There wasnt a huge selection.
  5. They JUST got it in.........its brand spankin new!
  6. Thanks for the info and pics. :flowers:
  7. I quite like it :biggrin: Thanks for the pics :biggrin:

    Can anyone identify style e.t.c?
  8. thanks for posting it! Lovely bag~~
  9. oh i really like the bag...but not the price tag :sad:
  10. thanks for posting!
  11. I like it quite a lot, it's a great chic and simple style!

    I still miss the old caviar though. I wonder if it is permanently discontinued, or just for this season?
  12. I like the bag, but it is not a heart stopper.
  13. LOL JILL YOU HAD TO DRIVE A PT CRUISER...I am wonder you drove straight home...rofl....
  14. Thanks for the photo Jill! I've been curious about this bag. I love bags with lots of compartments.
  15. I love this bag, but it feels like owning the classic flap in Jumbo again. Oh Chanel you know I love black bags, but can you give me more color... please? :flowers::cutesy: