Pics From Prada Sa! Im Getting This..

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  1. [​IMG] Its beyond hot..its it better than the longer one..OMG..LOVE THIS DARN BAG!!!LOL!
  2. I think you should sooooo get it!!! Man you will have room for everything in this bag and more. Please keep us posted!! Its HOT!!
  3. Go for it Jill! I'm rooting for you!
  4. Gorgeous!!!
  5. I think it looks... STUNNING!!!!! I love that color, wow, go Jill!!!!! What will your husband say?!!
  6. Whos couch can I sleep on???LMAO!
  7. Hey your welcome to my couch, it is brand new! But you need to fly off to L.A.!!!!!
  8. It's hot! (the price too!)
  9. Great bag for everyday! Go get it!:P
  10. I love it! Get it!
  11. Love it, Jill! Go for it! Those brown bags are looking so rich for fall.
  12. Jill, is that you in the pic? If so you look awesome w/ that bag!
  13. No--LOL..Thats a Prada SA..they email me pics to torture me..LMAO
  14. Jill, The bag is gorgeous. The color is awesome. You will look awesome carrying it on your shoulder. I love the size of it too. You can stuff everything in there. I would say go for it.
  15. Wow Jill. That a huge bag. I love big bags. :heart:
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