Pics From Nordies Trip Today

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  1. Here is the green patent, the red patent..and the BIIIIG green a mushroon and black/natural jacquard.
    nor1.jpg nor2.jpg nor3.jpg nor4.jpg nor5.jpg
  2. Thanks for posting!
  3. Cute! I just love the rainforest :love:
  4. The mushroom kerry is cute.
  5. I saw the green and red patent totes tonight at Nordies and I wasn't too impressed with them..they were just ehh to me.
  6. ^^^yeah they were ehh I agree..not worth 500 I know that.
  7. I actually was really impressed with them especially the green. I didn't really think I would be. But seriously not worth 5 or 6 hundred!!!
  8. Hmm I think I'll go for the Black/Natural. Dang I'm seeing airport lining now!
  9. ? Airport lining, and what are you doing up so late..what a surprise..:nuts:
  10. Thanks so much for the photos.
  11. I know, LOL. BF went to visit his daughter this weekend and I am on call for work so I couldn't go. So I was up feeling sorry for myself :shame: I'm so tired today! That's what I get, lol.
  12. great modeling pics brick!! loove the red patent!
  13. OOOOO The patent ombre is :drool: