Pics from NM in Troy, MI Trunk Show!!!

  1. It was a lot of fun! I met up for a fabulous lunch with some other Pf'ers, and then we headed over to the trunk show. Here are pics that my SA, Lisa Hamlin, was kind enough to send me!!! Enjoy!!!
    Dark Silver 2.55 Wallet On A Chain.jpg Eight Knots1.jpg Eight Knots2.jpg Expandable1.jpg Expandable2.jpg
  2. More pics ;)
    Expandable Frame Bag.jpg Sharpe1.jpg Sharpe2.jpg Sheerling1.jpg Sheerling2.jpg
  3. BTW- the bag in the third pic above (the pony hair) is so gorgeous IRL!

    Here are some more!!!
    Smocked.jpg Tuxedo.jpg 2.55 Pearl.jpg Chain Drop.jpg Coco's Croco1.jpg
  4. More ;)
    Coco's Croco2.jpg Coco's Croco3.jpg Modern Chain Trapezoid Tote.jpg Padded Envelope.jpg Pocket In The City.jpg
  5. These are so gorgeous too!!
  6. One more!!!
    Quilted Bubble.jpg
  7. Fabulous! Thanks for posting the pics Jag! I LOVE Somerset Mall. Always worth the 4+ hour drive from Toronto!
  8. Thanks for the great pictures,the red bag looks interesting, like little metal things hanging off of it, like fringe.
  9. Honestly, many of these bags are prettier IRL, than in the photos. Definitely worth going to see in person!
  10. i want the smaller one on the left...yummm

  11. Thanks, Jag. I've been to 2 trunk shows and have never seen that really big expandable tote before. Kind of interesting. I love the smocked bag with the camelia. :heart:
  12. Great pics - thanks for sharing with us. It is interesting to see what the different trunk shows have to offer.
  13. Thanks for posting! Loved seeing the different sizes of the Coco Croc! :yes:
  14. Thanks jag. That's a lot of pictures.
  15. thanks for posting jag! you're the best!

    my trunk show at NM didn't even have half of these bags! Going to another one on Thurs so I'm hoping they will have some of these to see IRL!