Pics from my SA- Scarves!!! Get 'em Before the Price Hike!

  1. My SA, Lisa Hamlin from NM sent me pics of the scarves they have in stock so I could beat the price increases, which take effect in February in NM! So, here is what they have right now!

    Call Lisa Hamlin at (248) 635-8442 if you are interested!!!

    First up:

    70 cm vintage silk squares: Currently $355.00 New Retail $385.00
    100_1211.JPG 100_1212.JPG 100_1213.JPG 100_1214.JPG
  2. Next...

    Plisses Currently $355.00 New Retail $385.00
    100_1215.JPG 100_1216.JPG
  3. She didn't have time to itemize everything, so if you want any other information, don't hesitate to call her!

    Here are the Cashmere/Silk Shawls: Currently $850.00, New Retail $950.00 :push:
    100_1201.JPG 100_1202.JPG 100_1203.JPG 100_1204.JPG 100_1205.JPG
  4. More shawls.....
    100_1206.JPG 100_1207.JPG 100_1208.JPG 100_1209.JPG 100_1210.JPG
  5. last batch!!!

    90 cm silk twill squares: Currently $325.00, New Retail: $355.00

    HAPPY SHOPPING!!!:yahoo:
    100_1217.JPG 100_1225.JPG 100_1226.JPG
  6. OH MY!!! We really need to RAOK Lisa! Jag, thank you. OH MY!!!
  7. LOL! No worries, I'll RAOK Lisa!!!
  8. I love this Jag... this is like on-line shopping... way better than the H website. Thanks for all the yummy pics.


  9. Jag, this is so cool!! For those of us without an H nearby, this is especially wonderful!! Thank you and Lisa so very much for this fabulous online shopping opportunity!
  10. Yum - eye candy!
  11. Wow, I wish I had an SA who would take teh time to take pics and email them to me!!! Thanks for sharing, jag!!!
  12. Glad everyone is enjoying the pics! I swear, with the price hike coming I feel like I really need to buy something!:graucho:
  13. Oh, and for those of you who are outside the US, they ship worldwide and you can PM me and I will give you Lisa's email addy if you don't live in a timezone that permits you to call!
  14. WOWza! Thanks Jag!
  15. These are my faves! But the 70cm scarves are currently $280. A relative bargain! LOL!