Pics from my SA!!! New Chanel Bags!!!

  1. It's that time of the season! I just got my pics from my SA of some new Chanel bags! Of course, I want to share with all of you! Enjoy!!!

    IF you have any questions, call Lisa Hamlin at (248) 635-8442 :flowers:

    First group:

    1. Black and Red Satin Clutch $750.00

    2. Pewter Python Perfect Day $6250.00

    3. Light Grey to Black Melrose Cabas $1595.00

    4. Light Grey to Black Melrose Flap $1475.00
    DSC02448.JPG DSC02649.JPG DSC02650.JPG DSC02728.JPG DSC02731.JPG
  2. Second Group:

    5. Icon Med. Flap Lambskin Coral with Fushia Trim $2595.00

    6. Ice Cube Flap $1650.00

    7. Black Lambskin Icon $3295.00
    DSC02733.JPG DSC02734.JPG DSC02735.JPG DSC02738.JPG DSC02739.JPG
  3. WOW! I am in love...the satin clutches are sooo pretty, especially in red!
    Of course pewter python is 100% TDF, over and over again...
  4. Thanks for sharing, cute bags.
  5. The satin bags are so pretty, but how many times could a person carry them before they look soiled or dingy? Do you send it to your local dry cleaner or what? :p
  6. Thanks for sharing the pics:yahoo:

    That red satin clutch is so cute!
  7. thanks for posting these lovely pix
  8. Thank you for sharing...melrose flap is cool!
  9. I am really loving the python myself (just can't afford it).

    Good points about the satin clutches though. They would be fun to have for cocktail parties hmmm. Do you think it takes the place of the Chanel Kelly (which is what I wear a ton when I go out at night)?? Hmm, i need to wait and see these in person.

    Oh, she just sent me another email. Hang on, let me post these - ohhhh, i like this one, hang on! Ok, here it is (not a new bag, but really gorgeous) and this is what the email said:

    "Chanel Turquoise Croco Satin Med. Classic With Gold Reissue Chain. It has the Mademoisselle Lock and is from Fall 2007. It is $2995.00" :love:
    DSC02687.JPG DSC02688.JPG
  10. Omg omg omg....:shocked::shocked::shocked:


    It is a work of art.
  11. Love the truquoise it with gold hardware too? Faints!
    this is the color my bridesmaids wore :smile: And it is the color of Lake Tahoe.
  13. The melrose flap is sooooooooooo amazing, I love love Love it!!
  14. beautiful pics! thank you for posting. i can't wait to see these babies irl!
  15. I like the melrose cabas, is it vinyl?