Pics from my SA!!!! Hurry, before the Price Increase!!!

  1. Lisa, my favorite SA from NM, sent me these pics so I can take advantage of the prices before the price increase. So I am sharing them with you all!!! Have fun, and call her if you are interested in anything!!!!

    Lisa Hamlin at (248) 635-8442

    Small Chanel Kelly: Beige and Black Lambskin $1795.00
    Also available in Black Caviar $1650.00

    Timeless Clutch: Black and White Caviar $995.00
    Also in Black Lambskin $1125.00

    Wallet on Chain: Dark Brown and Beige Caviar $1150.00

    Also available in black

    DSC01855.JPG DSC01860.JPG DSC01864.JPG DSC01865.JPG DSC01866.JPG
  2. More pics!!!!:nuts:

    E/W Pouchette: Dark White (Lt. Beige) Lambskin $1550.00
    Also in Dark White (Lt. Beige) w/ Stiching $1695.00

    Hobo (zip top): Dark Beige Caviar w/ gold chain $1175.00

    G.S.T.: Black w/ silver chain/ also available in gold and dark brown w/ silver chain $1895.00

    Medallion Tote: Pink w/ Silver, Beige w/ Gold and also available in black w/ silver or gold $1895.00

    Medium Classic w/ Silver Chain in Blue Fonce Lambskin and Dark White Lambskin $2150.00
    DSC01867.JPG DSC01868.JPG DSC01872.JPG DSC01873.JPG DSC01874.JPG
  3. Oh love the blue fonce and white lambskin flaps
  4. Thanks for sharing! What state is the NM in? Just wondering if I'll have to pay tax. Thanks
  5. Sorry about that! It is the NM in Troy, Michigan. But definitely call Lisa! If there is a way to avoid paying tax, she will find it!

    This is her direct number: (248) 635-8442:tup:
  6. Thanks a bunch!!
  7. ^ I wish there was some way to avoid paying tax to Canada, I'd definitely buy a GST like....NOW. Lol.

  8. With the upcoming price increases, it's worth it- just take the plunge before it gets really bad!!!!
  9. I am very glad there is not a black PST in these pics, and I am very glad the blue is a medium, not a jumbo.
  10. Seriously!! With our 14% tax, it's even more ridiculous the pricing disparity!

  11. maybe you should call Lisa and see what else she has hiding in that back room of hers:graucho::p
  12. Beautiful bags! Thank you for posting these!
  13. thanks for sharing, Jag.
  14. Ohhh, thanks for posting pics!! :heart: Wow that zip top Hobo is the exact one I own... I purchased a few years ago for $1025 from the Chanel boutique!! :nuts: It's a great bag for the "new" price of $1175 (and a "bargain" considering the prices of most bags)... fits a lot too!! :tup:
  15. Hi dear,do you know if they would accept international orders? Just ring them up?