Pics from my SA!!! Great eye candy!

  1. Thought everyone would enjoy this so I thought I would share the pics that my SA just sent me from NM (Troy, MI)!!! They have a lot in stock (not everything is pictured) so she sent me a little taste! Enjoy!

    Call Lisa Hamlin at (248) 635-8442 if you have any questions about anything!
    P8250244.JPG P8250247.JPG P8250249.JPG P8250250.JPG P8250251.JPG
  2. some more ;)
    P8250253.JPG P8250254.JPG P8250255.JPG P8250256.JPG P8250257.JPG
  3. One more ;)
  4. Thanks for sharing jag!!!! I'm so sad NM decided not to carry twiggys :sad:
  5. Is that a giant blue glacier or ocean I see? Its pretty.... whatever it is. LOL
  6. Thanks for the pics, jag! I love the clutches.
  7. MUST have GH clutch. Yum, yum, yum!:love::love:
  8. thanks jag!!! Love the envelope clutch!
  9. Thanks for the eye candy, jag. Great pics!
  10. Thanks for the great pictures.
  11. My pleasure everyone! Glad you enjoy!!!
  12. Thanks Jag! I just ADORE Lisa, she's a total doll! Everytime I speak with her on the phone she is always laughing, cheerful, and just genuinely nice! Once, she even picked up her cell phone on her day off and answered a quick question for me. She's a one of a kind!

    And back on topic here, I am loving that envelope clutch!!
  13. The second picture of the second post, are those bags Balenciaga? Sorry for my ignorance. :shame:
  14. thanks alot for sharing your pics!! I am totally loving the envelope clutch :love:
  15. Thanks for posting, jag!!:tup: