Pics from my SA... Beige Kelly and Curry Azap

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  1. Attached Files:

  2. The Kelly is goooorgeous
  3. Thanks for posting, both of them are gorgeous! :drool:
  4. Simply stunning!!
  5. Do you know the price on the Azap, Kallie Girl?
  6. Wow that Kelly is really beautiful. I have never seen this color in person.
    You are a doll Kallie Girl for doing this.
  7. they're beautiful. thanks for sharing:smile:
  8. Kallie Girl, thanks for updating us, it is wonderful!

    That azap is TDF!
  9. Thank you KG :heart:.
  10. Wow. My eyes are tired from all the eye candy today.
    The kelly is fantastic. I love the color, and the inking is so beautiful. The GH makes it such a modern classic.

    and the azap is gorgeous as well. I could really use that. Mr. Lau, time to pay attention to my needs, honey.....where the heck are you?????
  11. These are so Gorgeous!!Thanks for sharing!
  12. I've seen a Curry bearn too and it's not as bad as what I thought.
  13. Looooove the Kelly! Thanks for sharing!
  14. Thanks for sharing Kallie Girl! The kelly in beige is gorgeous & the azap looks so much better than it sounds!
  15. oh that beige kelly is gorgeous...great classic color. thanks for posting the pic, KG!