Pics from my SA-before the price hike!

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  1. I can't go shopping right now, so I asked my SA to send me pics of what she has so I can buy what I want before the price hike! Graciously, she sent me a ton of pics of some bags that I might like, so I thought I would share them with all of you! The pics are courtesy of NM in Troy, Michigan. Call Lisa Hamlin at (248) 635-8442 if you are interested in anything here.

    Black Lambskin with Flower--$895
    gold strap and can be worn doubled, or long

    Caviar Med Classics with Silver chain--$1595
    color: Pink, Choc, Black, Lt. Beige

    Lambskin Classic with Silver chain--$1750
    color: Blue Fonce, Beige

    Caviar Med Open Tote with Gold chain--$1095
    color: Pink

    Caviar Bowler--$1195
    color: Pink

    Caviar Pouchette with Silver chain--$1050
    color: Dk Blue Fonce, Dk Violet, Black

    Caviar Pouchette with Gold chain--$1050
    color: Black

    Lambskin Pouchette with Silver chain--$1125
    color: Lt. beige

    Caviar Medallion Tote--$1650
    color: Beige, Pink

    Caviar Wallet on a Chain (Gold)--$925
    color:Biege, Black, Pink
    this chain can go across your body, doubled, or tucked inside for a
    this bag can fit your phone and lipstick--maybe keys as well

    Caviar Timeless Classic Wallets--$545, $575
    colors: they vary depending on size

    Alligator Small Flap with silver chain--$5950
    color:Lt. Biege

    DSC00379.JPG DSC00380.JPG DSC00381.JPG DSC00382.JPG DSC00383.JPG
  2. One more pic :smile:
  3. omg how yummy is that blue lambskin classic and the brown caviar classic!! :drool:

    thanks for posting the pics jag!
  4. My pleasure! My head is spinning right now- I can't decide what to get. I want them all! LOL!
  5. The caviar medium open tote- is that the petit shopper? Do you have a picture? TIA
  6. ^^^I am a Chanel newbie- so not sure. I will call my SA and find out though. I will post when I hear back.
  7. Just heard from Lisa- and yes it is the petit shopper. She also said that she would be happy to send you pics if you like (she can do it via email or to your cell). Just give her a call (248) 635-8442.
  8. Love the pics!!

    Thank you so much for posting them :smile:
  9. Thanks for posting this! That blue lambskin is goooorgeous!
  10. I love them all.
  11. Thank you so much for posting !!!! THEY ARE SENDING ME THE PINK ONE @@@@@@ hahaha
  12. One more change: the Caviar Med Classics with Silver chain--$1595
    actually comes in Pink, Choc, Black, and Blanc Fonce not Lt. Beige
  13. YAY!!! Congratulations! I Love that one!:love: I can't decide yet- I want too many!:shame:
  14. I also forgot to add that she has the White Jumbo Classic with Silver Chain in Caviar for $1695
  15. do you know if they still have one more pink caviar medium classic flap? I've been looking for this for a long time...