Pics from my SA at NM!!!

  1. Enjoy ladies and gents! These are some new bags that my NM just received. Call Lisa Hamlin if you are interested in anything at (248) 635-8442.
    DSC00836.JPG DSC00838.JPG DSC00839.JPG DSC00841.JPG DSC00842.JPG
  2. More eye candy for you!
    DSC00843.JPG DSC00845.JPG DSC00846.JPG
  3. This is my favorite ;)

  4. can't see the last pic (ur favourite)
  5. LOOOVE this too!:heart:
  6. Sorry about that! My favorite one is this one
  7. oh yes, that's my fave too. tks for the pics jag
  8. Anytime!
  9. I love that tote in Red, too!!! But I already bought Jumbo Flap in Red from Lisa.....and I have to save money for something else!!:graucho::graucho:
  10. I hear ya sister! I am right there with you! But damn that red is hot!:heart:
  11. any price list for the bags?
    they're gorgeous!
  12. Unfortunately, no. I don't have any prices, but Lisa is in the store today so give her a call if you are interested in anything. Just tell her Jill showed you some pics, and she will know. Sorry about that!
  13. Thanks for the pics! I agree with everyone else, that last red tote is tdf!
  14. thank you jag!
    the tote is the timeless classic, i'm almost positive and $2225! hths!
    the color is just like the new red jumbo, again, i'm almost positive.
  15. oh no..don't be sorry! it's great u posted all this pics.....I'm looking for Chanel bag with budget $1700 max...any opinion maybe?