Pics from my SA at NM!!! Victorias and a Toile Plume!!!

  1. My SA, Lisa Hamlin, from NM in Troy, MI just sent me these after my visit there today. The Plume and the Victoria II PM in Gold Clemence were my favorites. Both are gorgeous and the leather on the Victoria was heaven!

    Victoria II GM in Noir crinolin and clemence. $3475

    Victoria II PM in Gold clemence $2875 (it's buttery soft):heart:

    Victoria II PM in Rouge H crinolin and clemence. $3000

    Victoria PM T-Officier in Maron Fonce $3100

    Plume 28 Toile H/Swift silver hardware. $4625 (I must say that this bag is absolutely stunning IRL)

    Call Lisa Hamlin at (248) 635-8442 if you are interested in anything or have any questions! You can just tell her that your friend Jill told you about the bag. Enjoy!:nuts:
  2. Wow, she loves you! :love: Very nice stuff, especially that AMAZING Plume. Lordy, that's a gorgeous bag.
  3. Lisa is the best!!! She goes above and beyond- of course, I call her my "crack" pusher! LOL!
  4. Haaaa! All these pics!
    Thanks so much and you SA is a doll!

    May I ask, what does T-officer mean? Is it because the bag is part toile, part leather (if I see well)?

  5. Jag - thank you for the info. Beautiful bags. Poor lady will have her phone ringing off the hook.
  6. God, I can see why! If my SA did that, he'd be able to retire to a private island someday! :roflmfao:
  7. Well, Jag...if she is YOUR crack pusher....YOU must be mine. My list of desires has just gotten longer....and I thought I was almost done.
  8. OMG i love the plume!!!! thanks for sharing.
  9. Thank you ladies! I am glad you are enjoying the pics! I wish I had pics of everything they had in stock. There were some beautiful pieces today- such as the 31cm Rouge Vif Ostrich bolide. I am in love with that one!

    Boudoir- i think you are right! I just copied and pasted what she sent me, and it looks like it is because it is indeed Toile!

    Haute Couturess-The plume is really breathtaking in person! I just stopped in my tracks when I saw it!
  10. Thank you for sharing these pics, Jag ... I love that Plume! Someday when I am quite rich;), I am going to buy one of every style in the white/toile combo, it is simply dreamy....
  11. I have never seen crinoline in this color!!! WOW!!

  12. Gorgeous pix, JAG. Enough to drive a gal on a purse ban crazy! LOL!
  13. Just enjoy everyone! I think I am going to ask her to send more- just for us to enjoy!!!
  14. :nuts:Beautiful bags.Thank you Jag for sharing.I have never seen the Victorias before.
  15. jag - i think i know what your next bag is! thanks for sharing the pics!