Pics from my latest visit to LV

  1. Sorry about the quality... my perfo decided to get into the pic as well
    06-05-06_2036.jpg 06-05-06_2035.jpg 06-05-06_2034.jpg
  2. cute!
  3. congrats on your new purchases :lol:......every girl needs a speedy and a wapity :yes:
  4. Congrats!
  5. Congrats on your purchases!!!!
  6. GREAT BUYS!!!:heart:
  7. Fantastic Purchases! Enjoy!
  8. Great purchases:heart:
  9. Congrats! The Wapity is so cute!:love:
  10. Yay! Welcome to the Wapity club :biggrin:
  11. The wapity is really cute, actually, I like it now. Well congrats on your purchases.
  12. yay!! CONGRATS! I like your duvet cover (bedsheets?) too!
  13. congrats on some great purchases!
  14. I'm saving for my very first LV now:rolleyes: .You're lucky.Congrats;)
  15. nice purcahses :biggrin:
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