Pics from L'Officiel Accessoires Mag

  1. I just got this mag from a friend in HK. It is from 2006 so these may be last years models. Enjoy!
  2. The second one from the left down. It is my ultimate bag! Beautiful and...near impossible to obtain. *sigh*
  3. I love them all!
  4. thanks for sharing! :biggrin:
  5. I totally have to agree, The Rainbow Patchwork Spy Bag is my ultime DREAM BAG! :love:
    So Beautiful, I was wondering If anybody has any info on this bag, like how many were made, and if it is still possible to obtain! Thanx.
  6. Yep. A friend of mine has one. She had it ordered in the Emirates and it took 2 weeks to arrive to the boutique there. Geez, its gorg, a piece of art, but expensive.
  7. anyoen have poper photos of the rainbow one? i would love love to see