pics for my cotton club reporter!! modelling pic!!~

  1. Just received my cotton club reporter and my hermes wallet today by the postman.

    Truely in love with the reporter but the leather is not the same as the reissue.. it is kind of thicker than the reissue and more durable..

    i guess it is a baby reporter size ( a little bit small than what i expected).

    truely in love with bag. so chic!!!
    DSC00393.JPG DSC00395.JPG DSC00396.JPG DSC00397.JPG
  2. The bag looks GREAT on you! :heart:
  3. the CC reporter looks fabulous on you, chloeSS! i love the cotton club... such a great ligne!
  4. ahhh it looks absolutely fabulous on you!! just perfect!

  5. gorgeous!:drool:
  6. looks great!!
    CONGRATZ!!!love cotton club..;p
  7. congrats, awesome pickup
  8. oooo... fabulous! i :heart:33 it!

  9. Congrats, so glad to hear you LOVE it! Thanks for posting modeling pics. I haven't even seen it IRL yet, but I'm expecting my silver one to arrive any day now. I'm greatful for your pictures because now I can see how it looks on the shoulder. Is it awkward or bulky when you wear it?
  10. when i first look at it, it seems very bulky to me.. but actually the bag is quite lightweight and not bulky at all!!

    I would say the size is similar to a cambon bowler bag with extra pocket outside. and i am truely in love with the silver chain!!
  11. i REALLY, REALLY love this bag. it looks SO chic on you, ChloeSS! gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous and congrats on getting it!
  12. it is actually look better than what i expect.. since i never really into cambon or reporter bag...

    my family was supposed to look for a reissue or 2.55 or luxury bowlr for me.. but since the store ran out of stock.. they did have some cotton club in stock.. so i guess. i will take it.. and it looks surprisingly good!!
  13. by the way, ChloeSS... if you don't mind me asking: is this the only size the CC reporter comes in? and were you offered a different size when you purchased? -i LOVE this bag, but i would LOVE it more in a bigger size :smile:
  14. You and the bag look great!!
  15. Gorgeous!!!!