1. Hi All~

    I've only been a member of tPF for a couple of weeks and I LOVE IT!! It is so nice to know that there are others out there like me :nuts:

    I am a little older (I believe) than most of you...in fact I'm a granny :roflmfao: I'm mid forties and have turned my daughter, daughter-in-law and grandson into designer freaks as well (that's my grandson with me in my photo.

    I finally got around to taking some photos today. I was going to wait for the rest of my PCE items but thought what the heck, I'll add those later :p

    Anyway, I hope you enjoy!! I'm a burberry freak as well so I will post those photos over there....
    black emmas and matching bag.JPG Coach LOVE IT.jpg Coach Swing Packs etc.jpg Coach Various.jpg
  2. Welcome Pamajama!:flowers:

    This is such a great place to share your love of bags and to meet some truly incredible ladies.

    Your pics of all your goodies are gorgeous!
    Thank you for sharring can't wait to see the rest!
  3. Wow, what a nice haul!! I love the sig/ebony stuff - nice choices!!
  4. Great stuff!
  5. Welcome! That's a great collection!
  6. love the collection! thanks for sharing
  7. congrats and enjoy!! :biggrin:
  8. Thanks All!

    It's so exciting being able to share with people who truly appreciate a good bag....
  9. Hi there! And welcome!!

    Thanks for posting all of your great stuff!! I love everything you've picked out!! I love the styling of the black bag in the first pic, I have it in the Medium size and its not quite big enough to fit the wallet I am using - I think that means I need to get a different wallet to go with that bag... :graucho:

    Thanks for sharing!!
  10. I love your white tote!! Congrats on your collection and welcome here!!!
  11. your legacy slim tote is beautiful!! Welcome.
  12. B4B: I stopped using wallets about a year ago...never thought I would. I now only use wristlets and a checkbook cover for my checks...it saves a tremendous amount of space.
  13. Great Haul!
    Congrats on all your purchases....
  14. i loooove the new zoe clutch
  15. Hi there! your collection is great. I'm needing one of those white wristlet. Enjoy and thanks for sharing.