Pics...finally!new Earrings!

  1. I totally forgot to post these pics..Im wearing these earrings now..TOO CUTE!LOVES THEM!

    These are the ones I got in Saks last week....
  2. so pretty and sparkly! love it!
  3. very pretty, congrats.
  4. I love those!
  5. I love those!!! Congrats!
  6. Very pretty!!!!!! Congrats Jill! :yahoo:
  7. They are gorgeous. congrats:smile:
  8. very cute!
  9. You have the best stuff! I love all your Chanels!
  10. so cute and so sparkly!! love it!!
  11. Beautiful!Congrats!
  12. very cute!!!
  13. Hey Jill, they look fab :yahoo: Can you post a pix of you wearing the earrings? I've always wondered how big those are when worn...
  14. I just got these a couple of weeks ago and love them.

  15. Gorgeous Jill, congrats! Have you used you soft and chain yet? Looks like your cabas is going to get the boot!