*PICS* Fabric with Studs Tote

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  1. (source: pictures taken by MJ_LA's Stella)


  2. [​IMG]
  3. [​IMG]
  4. This is a store exclusive so they won't last long.
    These pictures were taken by Stella. If you are interested, please ask for her at MJ boutique in LA. Their number is 323-653-5100.
  5. hmmmm...can't say I'm crazy about it just because it doesn't fit my style, but it is very cute and I love the size! I'm always a sucker for a great tote bag. Thanks for posting pics!
  6. I'm personally not crazy about it--I like the size of the tote and the shape, but the studs kind of ruin it for me. Maybe it is just a little flashy for my taste. Thanks for the pics:yes:

    I do love the yellow blake in the background--is that canary? I love yellow bags :heart:
  7. Resort 06's Blake in Sand. =) It looks yellowish because of the lighting in the store. Sand looks very neutral in real life, it's similar to Resort 04's Almond. Almond has pink/peach undertone, Sand doesn't.
  8. very rock n' roll! love it! i wanna see this on irina L.
  9. thanks for the pics bag.lover! I think I'm liking the leather ones better than the fabric. is that an MJ employee in the pic btw? those are some killer tattoos...
  10. Thanks for posting bag.lover! I'm not that crazy about this one, but I think it's because I love that purple one.
  11. And I love Irina!
  12. Hmmm...interesting. Not for me though. Those studs kinda ruin it for me too.
  13. The studs do nothing for me, kinda meh...but i can't help looking at 2 things:
    - Olive MP in the background! *want* Do they come in the large?
    - The girl's tattoo on her arms. They're amazing!

    Is that Stella or another MJ SA?
  14. I wonder when the Resort line (esp. Punk bags) will show up on the MJ website? I'm very curious to see more Punk bags! They are piquing my interest, like, a lot for some reason...
  15. I'm not sure who the model is. =)