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  1. OK everyone!! Sorry abou the delay!:smile:

    I got the epi noir speedy 30 today and the frambroise vernis agenda like a month ago!:nuts:

    Just in case anyone is curious, the pen that I found that fits the agenda is from Tiffany's:yes: :heart:
    LV1.jpg LV2.jpg LV3.jpg LV5.jpg LV7.jpg
  2. THAT epi speedy is GORGEOUS! You made an excellent choice! OMG I must own one!

  3. Finally:graucho: :nuts: Love your Speedies family and your Vernis is still looking lovely:girlsigh: Thanks for the pics :flowers:
  4. .....;)
    LV4.jpg CARMEN 1.jpg IMG_0429.JPG
  5. oooooh love em all!! congrats!!!
  6. OMG thanks but I am not modeling!! LOL just got done pigging out on Halloween candy:smile:
  7. Gorgeous..gorgeous!!!! love your speedy famiy shot!!Gosh I can't wait for candy apple vernis to come out..Love your frambroise!!Congrats!!!

  8. LOL That's okay- your babies did the modeling for you! They are TOOOO cute!
  9. Please also note my trained guard dog...she is in charge of protecting the bags:smile:
  10. Love epi speedy!! The black is just hot! Framboise vernis is tdf. Your dogs omg:love: :love: I´m stealing them!
  11. Thanks so much:smile: Everyone is so sweet!! :smile:
  12. Cute agenda. Love the color. Congratulations!
  13. There all so pretty! :heart:
  14. :heart: :heart:
  15. I love black speedy!!! congrats, such a beautiful bag!!
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