*PICS* DHL dropped this off yesterday.. my FIRST bbag.. CATCH or RELEASE?? *PICS*

  1. I finally got my FIRST bbag ever!! and got it at the Nordstrom sac sale also!!!

    It is a naturel brief with rh and it was marked down to $709+ tax... from $1195.. i couldn't pass a deal so i bought it impulsively (well after researching for about 1 hour on tpf).. when it came.. i was sooooooooo excited:nuts:.. but after i tried it on.. it seemed to be a little wider than what i expected it to be. i LOVED the step when i tried it on, but the brief seems a little big, and i usually LOVe big bags... now i don't know what to do... [​IMG]


    sorry for the huge and blurry pictures.. i am soooo exhausted from work.. and didn't feel like getting the camera.. so i just used my phone which can just bluetooth the pix right to my laptop..... i am so confused:confused1:.. i know i don't need it.. and.. i honestly don't think i will be using too much of it... shouild i return it and save for a bag i REALLY want.. and can't leave without? (such as a 08 magenta step:love:.. i tried it on and LOVE the size)
    Image116.jpg Image118.jpg Image119.jpg
  2. Looks great on you, but if you think your are not gonna use it much, return it and get something you really love.
  3. should i keep it or return it?
  4. The main thing is that you feel comfortable with it. If you feel it's too big then you won't use it and you're better off returning it. No matter how cheap it's not a good deal if you don't use the bag.
  5. Return it definitely.
  6. The ultimate decision is up to you. Do what makes you happy; if you are not pleased with the bag, by all means, return it and get something that you'll wear permanently.
  7. I should add, I would wait a couple of days before deciding, just to make sure it's the right decision. Sometimes it takes me a little time to get used to a new bag, esp if it's different from what I expected. I can still end up loving it. But if you're still not sure you like it in a couple of days then I'd return it.
  8. ITA!!:yes:.. but i usually FALL for a bag very easily.. usually i fall in love with one.. and then.. fall out of love QUICK.... i don't know... :confused1:

    i called barbara at Nordstrom, and she told me to take my time.. but i am 70% sure i will return it though...:sad: can't believe my first bbag purchase was gonna be like this.. :push:
  9. Get the size you're comfortable with.

    When I saw pics of the brief online, I thought I'll love it IRL. However, when I got to try it on at Balenciaga, it seemed a little too big for me. It'll be perfect as a bag for work if u need to put documents/laptop etc etc I reckon.

    Good luck with your decision!
  10. I LOVE that bag.. especially in the natural, but if the size & style isn't what you really want return it & get the Step.. or whatever! (that's gorgeous too)!!
  11. it sounds like you want the step, so wait
    your bag will soften up and you will probably like the shape better, but if you really have your eye on another, you should wait
    I just bought a bag with "sale eyes" too, the good price makes me really indecisive, even though it's not perfect
  12. i :love: the colour and would prefer it in another style. i understand how hard it is to let go as much as you want to hold on to it for just half a good reason (such a good deal!). being pale, it looks even bigger... agree with JadeLeaves that it'll be a great workbag. thanks for the pic. i can finally say this style's definitely not for me. hope you come to peace about your final decision!
  13. Jaaanice I really like the shape of the bag but I know what you mean about getting the right size. Unless you want to use this bag for travelling for for when you have a TON to carry I would return it. Get the step - I think that is a more manageable size. I want to get one too! We can be twins!!

    There is a brownish step on eBay that is around $850. I'm not an expert on authenticity but I don't think the step bag has been around long enough to be copied.
  14. ^i was just looking at it (i think we're referring to the same one) and the price is good. the seller is a tPFer. i believe it's authentic.
  15. I LOVE it on you!!

    I love the shape and the large size, and the color is tdf!

    I say keep it!!