PICS - Dark Silver Metallic Reissue vs. Dark Gold

  1. Here are pics of the new Dark Silver Metallic Reissue, along with my Dark Gold Reissue.

    What are your thoughts? They are very similar. Which would you keep and why?

    Dark Silver on left - Dark Gold on right
    dark silver reissue 226 001a.jpg Bronze Reissue 013a.jpg
  2. More Pictures:
    dark silver reissue 226 006a.jpg dark silver reissue 226 014a.jpg dark silver reissue 226 025a.jpg
  3. I like the dark gold... much less blingy... unless the pics are just making the dark silver more blingy than it is IRL.
  4. I really like them both!!! I would have to see the dark silver IRL before I could make an honest evaluation.....from the photo is seems so shiney!! I love the bronze and it will go with just about everthing! Judging from the photos, my vote goes to the bronze!
  5. The silver is very pretty Mon, but I think I like the gold better. I like the matte finish better.
  6. I saw them both today at the boutique. the dark silver is way too shiny IMO, the dark gold is more subtle, kinda like the bronze they did in fall. I'd pick the dark gold.
  7. I guess I will be the odd one out, I love the dark silver, I think they both look great on you but I just like the silver. Oh and the watch is to die for also..
  8. The dark silver is metallic and very shiney. It's gorgeous, but too similar to my dark gold which I already love. Ya'll are helping me save lots of money.:P
  9. OK, wait, I just saw the second pack of pics, I think I will change my vote, I like the gold after all.
  10. What a hard decision, a can't make up my mind... they both are stunning.
  11. Oh NO! I waitlisted for the Dark Silver too and they do look too similar! I'm changing my order to the 'Viva Las Vegas' Blingy Gold instead!:lol:

    Did you manage to see that one? :shrugs:

    I'd say keep the Cruise Dark Gold! That one is more classy than the Dark Silver IMHO. :P
  12. Michele, you're not helping.:lol:
  13. I almost fergot....Thanks for posting the pics smooth!
  14. Yeah, I'll choose Dark Gold too. Dark Gold will probably goes with a lot of things and more timeless. Dark Silver is too shiny to carry for years to come.
  15. From the pics, I prefer the dark gold, it looks fabulous on you.