Pics!!cotton Club Wallet/ Flap!!!!!!!!

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  3. [​IMG]

    yes...Jill is in jammies...AGAIN...LMAO...UGH....(snow day here in NJ!)
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  6. Oh, I loved that wallet when it was made in cambon. I wonder how the khaki color would coordinate with the dark gold from the pny collection?
  7. Beautiful bag and I love the wallet.

  8. Thanks...I think I could use the wallet with my neutral bags..Yes?(Like blush Gauffre,Beige soft chain?)
  9. Oh,I got the FUNNIEST note from my all time FAVE Chanel SA..She writes.....
    You may not be warm in NJ,BUT at least we know youll be stylish......
  10. Congratulations! They look awesome. Show us your whole collection!!
  11. i love it. i thought it was smaller but seeing it on you, the size is perfect!
  12. Congratz!! :love:

    Your purchases are beautiful!! Is the wallet the same color inside as well? :tender:
  13. That bag is sooooo HOT - looks fab on you!!!!!! :nuts: :love:

    Love the wallet too!!! :heart: Sooo perfect for s/s!!!

    Congrats Jill on your new additions!!!!!!! Can't wait to see the next ones!!!!!!!! :yahoo:
  14. WOW what a beauty-- i love the bag!!!
    :heart: :heart:
  15. love both! congrats again! thanks for the pics of the wallet esp. it's gonna be great with all your spring bags...good idea!