**PICS** Cotton Club bowler and tote

  1. Here pics of the khaki bowler and the light silver tote from the cotton club ligne. I am keeping the tote, but the khaki bowler is going back. It's a gorgeous metallic bronze color, just not for me. I will be exchanging the khaki for the black bowler or tote instead. Enjoy.
    chanel 149.jpg
    chanel 151.jpg
    chanel 152.jpg
    chanel 159.jpg
    chanel 158.jpg
  2. Very good choice! I agree with you! Congrats!
  3. Wow, the bag is gorgeous, and looks great on you. I love the new cotton club ligne.
  4. Love the tote. Very nice and a great choice!
  5. Hey, is the tote made of leather? I don't know where I read that it was cotton??

    It is gorgeous! I am this close to pulling the trigger on the bronze tote
  6. Congratulations.
  7. Thanks ladies!

    Lawlesslady530: Yes, it's made of a distressed leather w/a slight metallic sheen.
  8. CLK: Congrats!! Just a quick question--how structured would you say the bag is? oh and I am droooling over that bronze color. I think I'm going to pull the trigger on the bronze cotton club tote!!! Plus, I save (no tax) since there is no chanel boutique in connecticut. Surprisingly.

    *giddy with excitement* Congrats to you again!
  9. OMG I love that tote!!!!! :love::love::heart::heart:
  10. Thank you! Both bags are VERY structured and IMO, will probably hold their shapes better than the cambon line. Go for the bronze tote. It really is a gorgeous color, but unfortunately does not fit in very well w/my wardrobe. Both bags are also comfortable to wear either on your shoulder or the crook of your arm. Please post pics when you get it!
  11. So they finally came in, huh? Beautiful tote!! I agree about not keeping the bowler, get the black tote. I'm not liking the length of the straps on the bowler, in between long and short. I am returning the dark blue Cotton Club bowler. It was delivered today and I'm not impressed either.
  12. Very nice tote! I love that color. I passed up on the bronze bowler too...I'm thinking of going with the silver bowler, by looking at your tote color. =)
  13. Kittens did you take any pics?
  14. The bowler is BEAUTIFUL in light silver. I wanted to get the bowler in the light silver as well, but that would have been overkill. I'm waiting to see what the bowler looks like in black, if I don't like it I will go w/the black tote.
  15. I love the tote Jenn! The straps are too long on the bowler; it looks out of proportion to the bag. I do, however, LOVE that bronze color!

    If I were you I would not get the bowler in another color. It just doesn't have that WOW factor the tote has.