*PICS* Come share my Chanels (red, yellow, violet, purple...)

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  1. Hi Ladies,
    Well now u can understand my screename....:P. Been on this forum for a while but never posted pics for various reason, one of which was sheer laziness. Well recently I had to document my bags for insurance purposes (what a nightmare that was! - I have a new appreciation for those of u who post pics regularly, OMG:Push:smile:, so I thought I'd share some pics w/ u all.

    I so enjoy and appreciate seeing other tpfer's collections. I can never grow tired of seeing Chanel bags. This is not my full collection as some are scattered in other locations, but I hope you enjoy!

    BTW. I am thinking of getting rid of the red Hidden Chain flap in the 4th pic bottom right corner as it may not be my style? What do you guys think? TIA!
    collection-flaps.jpg collection-2.jpg collection-3.jpg collection-4.jpg redtote.jpg
  2. WOW. Amazing collection! I really love that modern chain E/W, is it the glazed leather? :drool:

    Honestly, I never liked the hidden chain ligne much.
  3. nice collections!
  4. Amazing!
  5. Hi Missia, yeah I know, I never did either, then I saw the pic of Kate's blue bag and for some reason, starting wanting the red as well?:shrugs: But when I received it I was kinda just ehh b/c the strap is shorter than I thought and the bag is smaller. I'm not a small bag kinda girl, which is why i mostly stay away from flaps. Ugh, I just hate getting rid of things and then regretting it later. Like passing on the orange jumbo - what an idiot :Push:.

    Yeah the brown one is the glazed leather!
  6. Amazing Collection!:drool: congrats!!
  7. amazing amazing! loving it!
  8. Oh my goodness, what a collection! :drool:
  9. Wow! Amazing collection, they're all gorgeous!
  10. WOW! nice collection...and about the red bag on bottom right of the 4th pic...i don't care much about it, since you have other bags in your collection im sure you can do without it. well let us know what you decide. i love you collection btw...
  11. Amazing collection you have there !! Love love all your bags...:heart::heart::drool::heart:
    Enjoy them !
  12. AWESOME collection. I absolutely LOVE :heart: your choices, all the fab colors :drool:!
  13. Lovely collection!
    I hope u r not going in debt as ur name suggested :smile:
  14. What a lovely collection, those yellows, those metallics, those reds...I want, want, want :drool:
  15. wow, what an amazing collection you have there!