***PICS*** Chicago NM Inventory

  1. Enjoy!
    31668579811_0_ALB.jpg 71668579811_0_BG.jpg 51668579811_0_ALB.jpg 86568579811_0_BG.jpg 79568579811_0_ALB.jpg
  2. more
    99568579811_0_BG.jpg 40668579811_0_ALB.jpg 80668579811_0_BG.jpg 32668579811_0_BG.jpg 52668579811_0_ALB.jpg
  3. thank you for posting
  4. more and more
    72668579811_0_BG.jpg 92668579811_0_BG.jpg 43668579811_0_BG.jpg 74840679811_0_BG.jpg 25840679811_0_BG.jpg
  5. Very nice! I love the blues!!!!!
  6. Still not done yet~
    45840679811_0_BG.jpg 85840679811_0_BG.jpg 16840679811_0_BG.jpg 36840679811_0_BG.jpg 96840679811_0_BG.jpg
  7. more coming~~
    57840679811_0_ALB.jpg 77840679811_0_BG.jpg 97840679811_0_BG.jpg 28840679811_0_BG.jpg 30940679811_0_ALB.jpg
  8. [​IMG]
    Anyone know the price on this one??
  9. Are we sick of Chanel yet??
    90940679811_0_ALB.jpg 21940679811_0_BG.jpg 41940679811_0_BG.jpg 22940679811_0_BG.jpg 52940679811_0_BG.jpg
  10. Thanks for posting !! i really like the perforated clutch!
  11. I'll take one of each please!

    Thanks for the eyecandy!

    Anyone know how much the small butterfly necklace is?
    It is so cute.
  12. Almost done////
    23940679811_0_ALB.jpg 43940679811_0_ALB.jpg 63940679811_0_BG.jpg 34081679811_0_BG.jpg 76081679811_0_BG.jpg
  13. I like that one too- it looks so sleek!:love:
  14. :sweatdrop:
    67081679811_0_BG.jpg 18081679811_0_BG.jpg 58081679811_0_BG.jpg 98081679811_0_ALB.jpg 29081679811_0_BG.jpg
  15. OMG! This is gorgeous! It's a bracelet right?
    Anyone know the price- I can't read the tag lol!