PICS - Chanel Camelia Ring S/S2007

  1. I promised these pics to some tPF'er buddies. I just received this ring. I had been waitlist at Nordstrom since January and it finally arrived. I also waitlisted for the black w/silver tone metal, but turned it down.

    Here's the info for anyone interested:

    07P A34773 Y02249 $395




  2. that is SO pretty!!!! *fights urge to add to wishlist*
  3. OMG that is soooooo beautiful!!! Love it..Looks great on your hand too!!! ..and of course next to that lovely watch!!!! Congrats!!!
  4. How beautifull!!! So pretty, I love the white. looks great with your watch!
  5. W:heart:W! I want one :crybaby:
  6. so pretty!!! Looks so good on you!! Congrats!
  7. wow its beautiful does it fit well?? is it heavy?
  8. Very pretty! Love your J12 too! :love:
  9. Mon, the ring is gorgeous, as well as the watch. The ring fits your finger and hand nicely.
  10. Hello Mon,

    You always has a great pick. The ring is classy and so Chanel. Congrats!
  11. This one is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!! Reminds me of the chanel precious jewlery ring!!!!

    Love ur taste mon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Congrats girl!
  13. It's soo gorgeous Mon!!!
  14. Thanks everyone, it's one size fits all and I believe size 7. It's a little heavy, but not bad. I had the fine jewelry camelia ring for $2,500 but didn't keep it and I feel like I have an equally awesome ring for thousands less.:nuts:
  15. so pretty Mon!!! but does it only come in one size ?