PICS calcaire '05 Box

  1. The sky got pinky and I couldn't resist snapping this shot with her tassels blowing in the breeze. I am hoping we get a fabulous pink sunset tonight. I also stuffed it so it shows the real shape better.:idea:
  2. one more
  3. oops posted the wrong pic. Here it is, sorry. Mods can delete the 2nd post please.
  4. That is really pretty and the shape is so cute!
  5. Hi PP! I've seen your photos of a couple Twiggy's and since you have this beautiful Box, can you tell me which style you prefer? My 05 Turq Twiggy arrives Tuesday, and since I love my Magenta Box and my City's, I am worried about whether I will like the Twiggy or not. BTW, Your collection is gorgeous!
  6. I prefer the Twiggy. I love the box, but the Twiggy is slouchier. However, I like the Calcaire in the bocx because it's not one that I will carry every day. I am keeping it for pink outfits and special occaisions. You are going to love the Twiggy.:yes:
  7. Calcaire almost matches Florida sunset.
  8. So lovely!!! I love it!
  9. Thanks a bunch! I was worried about it being too long, but then a pf-er said the older leathers are so slouchy the bags don't look as long like with the new leathers. Then when I saw you pictured with your Twiggys, they looked beautiful and not too long! Thanks again for easing my mind!
  10. That is one beautiful bag, the colour looks so natural and blends in well.
  11. thats so pretty!! Both the box and the sunset!!
  12. Those pics are amazing!! LOVE the bag!
  13. O/T but I am sick with jealousy over how warm and pleasant it looks like it is where you are...
    But the bag is gorgeous too:P
  14. That is stunning!!!! Such a pretty color!!!!!!!!!
  15. the calcaire color is so darn pretty! congrats, powderpuff!