*PICS* Black patent jumbo

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  1. HiHi ladies. Here is what I came home with tonight, it's the jumbo classic flap in black crackled patent leather. Thank you snosno and valerieb for your info. Style # again is A28600Y04339 and retails for 1895. Please excuse the horrible lighting, the bag looks much better IRL. Pics were taken w/flash and without. Thanks for letting me share AGAIN.:shame:
    chanel 126.jpg
    chanel 127.jpg
    chanel 133.jpg
    chanel 131.jpg
  2. You did it again!!!! You made me :drool::drool::drool::drool: I LOVE it soooooo much!!! Looks gorgeous on you....
  3. Your bag looks incredible on you! These bags are so hard to photograph because of the shine, but you did a very nice job. How "crackled" is the finish on your bag? I'm debating asking if I can swap for one with more crackle, but I'm not sure it's worth it. Did you see any super-crackly ones when you were choosing yours?
  4. Oh Wow! I want to come play in your closet..so many nice bags!!
  5. Thank you! I'm sure the pics would have turned out much better if I would have used a digital camera instead of my sidekick 3, but my digital is MIA. It's more crackled than I expected it to be, but I'm not complaining. I actually prefer it to the regular patent. I only saw the one I bought and the display. I'm sure you could swap it out if you asked your SA. It seems like the back of the bag is more crackly than the front. I am in :heart: . Call your SA and see if she/he can swap it out.
  6. clk55. OH NO, no more bags. My eyes can handle so many at a time. I am still in a decision mode and you are luring me to the dark side!!!!!!!!!

    YOU look stunning as always!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. imgg:
    Thank you! I am still going to get the black lambskin eventually, but I had to get this one because my SA said this was the only season the crackled patent will be avail. The lambskin will always be there for me to snatch up. ;)

    LOL, thank you.

    Thank you and welcome to the dark side! Please post pics of your beauty when it comes, I'll be waiting patiently :smile:
  8. Thanks for the details! The back of mine, especially the pocket, is also more crackly than the rest. I will call tomorrow and hopefully, she won't think I'm nuts (even though I am). Again, congrats on the great purchase!
  9. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! :drool: :graucho:
    Like I said before......the bag is HOT HOT HOT!!! Strut it girl!!!~ Lookin great! CONGRATS AGAIN!!!!!
  10. wow another fab addition!
  11. The front and the back of mine are pretty uniform, but the back is a tad more crackly than the front. You didn't cut the tags yet did you?
  12. Yes it is! Thanks for your help again.

    xoAKIxo: So are you loving your cabas or what? ;)
  13. The tag is still on the bag. I called today but my SA was off. There's a big difference between the front and back on my bag. The front is just a bit crackled and the back looks just like the Marc Jacobs patent from last year--it's super crackly. I wish the whole bag was like that! I will call tomorrow and see what she says. I prefer the extra crackly texture because it resists fingerprints a lot better.
  14. It's gorgeous! Did you get this from the Chanel boutique or one of the department stores?
  15. That's pretty! I love Chanel's black patent - saw a black patent reissue with gold hardware at KOP the other day - it was gorgeous too!