PICS! Black Jumbo Crackled Patent Flap is Here!!

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  1. I didn't know if I should start a new thread about the same bag, but since I hate searching through multiple pages to locate the pics, I thought I'd post these here. I hope that's okay!

    Anyway, my black jumbo crackled patent flap arrived today and she is lovely. The texture on this particular bag is not as crackly as I'd like--at least not on the front of the bag. The back, on the other hand, is crackled to perfection. I sure wish it was reversed! If you are thinking of ordering this bag, you might want to specify how "crackly" you'd like it to be. Even though I would have preferred a little more texture on the front, I think this bag is really hot...definitely a keeper!

    Style number for this bag is: A28600Y04339
    Price is: $1,895.00

    Enjoy the pics!

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  2. That is hot.
  3. Wow, another beautiful patent bag! I think both sides look amazing!!
  4. She is ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!!!! I love it! I want it! Can't have it! But so glad you go such a beauty!!!!

    Maybe it's better that the front is less crackled since with use, the flap especially, might start to crackle more to "catch" up with the back :smile:
  5. GORGEOUS!!!!!!! holy crap, it's beautiful!!!!
  6. Absolutely gorgeous!!!!! I it. =)
    Valerieb, thank you so much for sharing your pictures. Congrats! =)
  7. Ditto on the holy crap it is so beautiful. I am in serious trouble now. Looks like it's off to SCP tomorrow to purchase this stunner. Congrats!
  8. so gorgeous!! thanks for the great pix! :smile:
  9. Another seriously gorgeous patent leather bag. I can't stand it anymore. Too much beauty!
  10. ahhh, such hotness! i love this bag. it's so shiny and yummy! :drool:
  11. That is a really gorgeous bag. Congrats to you for receiving such a beauty!!!
  12. OMG... that is a very yummy bag. I love it!!! The pics are really tempting! :drool:
  13. VERY Pretty!!
  14. YAY congrats!!! very very DEEELISH!!! so HOT HOT HOT!!!~~
  15. congrats very shiny and beautiful