*PICS*~~Black Box Kelly 32cm ~*Modeling Pics Pg. 7*~

  1. Introducing my beautiful new 32cm Black Box Kelly w/ Palladium Hardware.
    Too beautiful to find the words to describe her.

    Pics on the way~~~
  2. Pennyd2911, Congratulations!
  3. Congratulations Penny!!! can't wait to see the pics and ofcourse the modeling pics.
  4. Oh...I love black box:love:. I never ever get tired of seeing anything in black box. You have such good taste Penny!
  5. Here she is--- I luv her:heart:
    hermesblackboxkelly.jpg hermesblackboxkelly1.jpg hermesblackboxkelly2.jpg
  6. absolutely dropdead gorgeous!!!! congratulations, what a great find !!!!
  7. ^^^ Thank you H! btw you are looking great in those action shots. Keep up the good work - I am impressed!!
  8. Penny, she's gorgeous. I :heart: black box kellys, so elegant. Congratulations!!!
  9. Oh Penny, she is a beauty! Use her in the best of health! Congrats!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  10. Thank you CLG!!!
    I am just sitting her looking at her - :smile:
  11. Thanks medusa - this is part of the excitement - getting to share her with my tPF buddies:tup:
  12. ^ I can almost picture you doing just that. He he he;)....she's stunning.
  13. ^^^^ LTC - that is exactly what I am doing - LOL
  14. She is gorgeous! Congratulations!
  15. Yay!!! I've been waiting for this post! Penny, it's gorgeous! Enjoy in the best of health!!!