PICS! (Baby Cabas, Diagonal CC, MC in Brown, etc.)

  1. Denise at Nordstrom in Seattle emailed photos this afternoon and I am :drool: for the Baby Cabas! It doesn't look too big at all! I think the bag in the picture is white. I am on the list for khaki/bronze which she said is gorgeous. The baby Cabas is $1795.

    Also attached is the Diagonal CC in beige but it has a hefty retail of $4,150! And the Modern Chain large tote in brown for $2,285.

    If anyone has questions for Denise her email is
    BabyCabas.JPG DiagonalCC.JPG ModernChainBrown.Tote.JPG
  2. THanks for posting Roey! I adore the baby cabas!!! =)
  3. WOW! I didn't think I'd like the baby cabas but I really do! I'm supposed to get the Ritz tomorrow but maybe I should wait for the new bags to come out :shrugs:.
  4. Love the pics Roey!!! Thanks
    Is the Baby Cabas the same as the pics from the Cruise Collection Act I?
  5. gorgeous! thanks roey!! what do you guys think will look better on the cabas-- smooth back leather or dark metallic silver?
  6. aw...the diagonal CC is too cute!!!!!
    im falling in loveeeeee:love:

    also like the baby cabas, but i do adore the diagonal CC!!!!!
  7. Love the baby definitley getting!!!
  8. Here's the Large Round Bowling, Small Round Bowling, and Small Diagonal CC.

    $2150, $1895, and $1995 respectively.
    largerounndbowling.jpg Small[2].Round.Bowling.JPG SmallDiagonal.CC.JPG
  9. Made a mistake - the MC tote is grey. Denise said it appears very taupe in the photo. She also has a large RED MC tote if anyone is interested!

    Penny - yes, the baby Cabas is the same bag from Cruise Act 1.
  10. The baby Cabas is tdf.I am waiting for the bronze one
  11. You need both, just like me!! don't make me feel guilty by picking one. these are completely different looks and your bag closet will be woefully incomplete if you choose just one:graucho:
  12. :yes: the MC grey also looks taupe irl.

    Anyone know what the baby cabas measures? Maybe I will e-mail the SA...
  13. I love love love that baby cabas and am waiting for bronze too!!! I just love this bag!
  14. LOVE everything. Too many beautiful bags available from Chanel.
  15. oh my! i loveeee the diagonal stuff but why oh why is it soo pricey.

    thanks for posting pics roey!!