*pics attached* gst vs grapic age accordian


<3's chanel
Jul 20, 2006
Los Angeles
I think the graphic accordian is cute, but I think for the price, its a tad too much for a vinyl bag... I think for that much you should go for the GST. I think it will definitely hold up better in the long run because of the sheer fact that it's caviar -and it seems like it'd be more classic (i.e. a better long-term investment) -I don't think it's a "serious" look, there are many ways you could incorporate it into casual wear, and make it look fun and hip... it's a very versatile bag. IMO I think the Cerf gives off a bit more of the "serious-work" vibe, but maybe that's just me. Anyhow... either way, they are both pretty bags. Good luck!


May 16, 2007
graphic edge. why do you want to buy a bag that "everyone" carries? thats just my opinion and the reason why i won't buy the gst. isn't the price similar?
the graphic edge is that bag you may regret not buying when its not available verses the gst that will always be there. i just got the graphic edge and I LOVE IT!! Its light and comfy and holds a ton.

Chi town Chanel

Dec 18, 2007
the Mothership
If you can only choose one, I would go with the GST. I actually prefer the pattern on the new graphic accordion, but I just can't justify that price for a vinyl bag. Most of us tend to agree on that. The GST is a classic and you will get a lot of use out of it. The graphic accordion is really lovely though.


Nov 20, 2006
San Francisco, CA
Another vote for gst! You can dress up or dress down with the gst, and it's a timeless classic style. As for the graphic edge, first off it's vinyl, I wouldn't pay that amount of money for a vinyl bag. Besides I tried it on, the shape just didn't sit right with me.