Pics as promised of LV/other items I've tweaked ;)

  1. Hi!

    The other day we had a thread about altering designer items to better suit you. I admitted I had done so to several LV and other designer items. I included them as well bc I am an equal opportunity bag tweaker...:p

    First is my trotteur. The strap was too long, and I wanted it to fit comfortably under my shoulder. I went to my friendly neighborhood shoe/leather repair shop and the nice lady helped me measure the correct length and she cut and re-stitched it for me. I attached it with extenders.

    Next is a Mini Mono anne sophie clutch. I wanted a strap to use it for evenings out. Usually when I'm on a bag tweaking mission, I look for belts or cheap leather bags to use for the straps. I have good luck at Marshalls, TJMaxx and Target. Found this strap from a small leather bag in the exact shade of burgundy to match.

    Next up (to keep all the LVs together) is my lexington with a necklace used as a strap.
    Next is a MJ clutch I wanted as a wristlet. The chain is a belt and I used a pliers to shorten it and then reattched the hooks. I clipped them to the zipper pulls.
  2. OK, I just love the lexington with that necklace!!!
  3. WOW!! i :heart: the trotteur!!!
  4. Crap. Sorry. I have one more.
    A cute Fendi clutch. I looked all over for something for this one, and BF suggested leather eyeglass straps. Went in and these were too thin, so I braided them and then shoemaker lady friend attached them.

    I hope you enjoy! :yes:
  5. I love your creativity. You give excellent ideas to try. Thank you for sharing. Oh la la... I love that Lexington.:love:
  6. :p Very creative and beautiful results!
  7. OOoooh, I like the fendi! So cute...the Anne Sophie clutch is really nice, too!
  8. ooooh I love your lexington
    very creative..thanks for sharing your great ideas
  9. you should be making purses- professionally! great work!
  10. OK I must admit when you where talking about this last night I was panicking but those are good alteration def make the bags more functional
  11. Amazing! I love them all! Very cool!
  12. That is soo awesome! I love how unique it is, and that you know that no one else has something like it! You are very creative!
  13. good, i'm so glad you feel harm done, i promse...:yes:
  14. wow you sure have a lot of moxie to be able to do this.... and creativity too. cheers!
  15. I was in a panick also.:shame:

    :heart: your creativity and resourcefulness. The Fendi and your Lexington are awesome! Love all your tweaked items. No worse for wear. :sweatdrop: