*PICS* - Arrival of my Azur Speedy 25!

  1. I just wanted to show off one of my latest purchases for now. I'm so in love with the damier azur print, it looks even better IRL... special thanks to maritza1973 for *holding* this bag in her elux cart, and releasing so that i can purchase it! My speedy is made in USA, and the datecode is SD0047... made in the 4th week of this year. :smile:

    I also have a question for fellow azur speedy owners... have you had any problems with color transfer from denim onto your bags? I often wear jeans, and when I carry the speedy in the crook of my arm, the bag often brushes against my leg. I have had denim transfer onto the leather of one of my Coach bags in the past... so I've tried to be more careful about it. Has there been any color transfer to the vachetta or canvas? If so, were you able to clean it off (or make it appear less visible)? TIA!


    azurspeedy25_siworae.jpg azurspeedy25_side_siworae.jpg
  2. modeling pics!!!!!!!!!!! (congrats!!)
  3. Congrats!
  4. I don't know about denim transfer because I wore mine for the first time tonight. I know generally if the jeans are new I notice that they transfer to my shoes, but as time goes and they have been washed a few times, they don't transfer anymore. However, because the canvas is coated I don't think anything would happen. But at dinner tonight I accidentally dropped a piece of salmon on the handle :push:. It's okay though I just wiped it down, and theres only a little spot which I'm sure will be hidden as time goes on.
  5. Very Cute!!!!!!!! :nuts: Congrats!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo:
    <<-----I just got mine a few days ago also. (From Elux) I got the 30 though...Need extra room...:graucho:

    Ya, it looks even better IRL!! I agree!

  6. congratulation on your new purchase!!!!!
  7. Congrats Siworae!
  8. COngrats! It's beautiful!:yes:
  9. Congrats! I Love It! Love To See It On You Too =))
  10. You're welcome! ;) Azur is just lovely. I am so glad you are enjoying your bag. I agree... it looks better IRL. :love: Congrats!!!
  11. Lovely!
  12. :love: GORGEOUS :love:

    :yahoo: CONGRATS :yahoo:
  13. :yes:

  14. I have dark denim transfer on the vachetta of my BH (I was wearing a denim jacket).
  15. Gorgeous, great buy!! :yes: