*pics* Anyone else keep their new bag home for an adjustment period?

  1. Or am I just strange?:nuts: Ok, don't answer that! I have this habit of keeping my new bag inside for a week or so, as if it were a pet that might run away until acclimated to the new surroundings... :shame: I think she's about ready to go out into the world now, though. Here are some pics, but the light wasn't very good, so the flash makes the color look quite intense. I'll try for some more on a better weather day. (Unfortunately, I haven't yet figured out how to post them w/o you having to click the links - if anyone knows, please direct me to some instruction in that area.) Btw, a special shout-out to steffibp for the assist with my new baby!:yahoo: Meet my metallic blue nuit, everyone.:cutesy:
    metallic bleu nuit.jpg

    metallic bleu nuit 2.jpg

    metallic bleu nuit 3.jpg
  2. Congrats edda!!! :nuts: You are completely confident it's authentic? Sorry, had to ask coz of where you got it. Always nervous about them. It's looks pretty darn good! Really love the colour! And the leather is the right smooshiness too.
  3. Oh, I forgot to answer your original question. I have an adjustment period. It's much longer than yours. :push: I like my new things to remain new... so it takes me a while to actually get my bags out and about...
  4. Yep, I'm sure it's real...took a fine tooth comb to it, lol! She matches up perfectly to her aubergine sister.:yes: For those who don't know, I bought it from Bluefly, which has a somewhat troubled past on this forum. I knew going in that there had been issues - pretty bad ones, in some cases - but, as I understand, even the major department stores have been fooled and resold a fake or two. Not to minimize anyone's problems with a bad bag, but I feel like really good counterfeits are out there so much now that "caveat emptor" has never been truer...I just make sure there's an ironclad return policy.;) Anyway, I've bought other items from them that were authentic and I wanted this color soooooo badly - add in a 15% discount coupon and I was sold. Besides, I would have kicked some butt if there had been a problem with this baby!:boxing:
  5. i love love love the black lock!! that is a gorgeous bag! I have never been much for any of the metallic colours, but seriously, that is beautiful! congrats :smile:
  6. In that case, yay!!! :party: I've been dying to see these pics! You've been talking about it so much! What else did you get?! Didn't order two things?
  7. Soooo pretty! :love:
  8. Did you get your bag today? :smile:
  9. ;)


    I can't unwrap it at work cos it's in a box then in two other bags! I am dying to though!
    I have taken the lock off to measure what size diamantes I need to buy :smile:
  10. Argh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :hysteric: I wanna see!

    Sorry Edda, I won't hijack your thread. ILoveMyBag, you gotta start your own thread with pics!!! Sneak into the toilet!

  11. I'll see what I can do at lunchtime, how's that! :graucho:
    And I will start a thread when I take some good pics... I've only got my camera phone on me here.
    BTW, nice mod to my username :p feel free to call me Vic though!
  12. Oops. Sorry Vic! Got too excited?! (I can't understand why you'd love your bug...:p... hope you mean a VW beetle... or something like that) When's lunchtime? It's already 10pm here. I can't wait much longer before bed time! :sleepy:

    Sorry Edda! Back to your bag! I love the black lock against the metallic leather! How much did you get it for? I think I saw this same bag on diabro at one time. Can't remember what the price was... Was tempted.
  13. Oh forgot to reply to posting pics thing. You have to upload the pics to another website like photobucket first. Copy the web address and post it here in between image tags... something like "[​IMG]". Something like that... Haven't actually tried it, but that's what another PFer told me.
  14. I feel like such a hijacker, I'm so sorry edda! Yes I mean my beetle, here he is in all his blue glory :smile:


    It's 11.20am, so if you can wait around a hour I'll take some
  15. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: You two are like a comedy act! Seriously need to cut out some caffeine, leanbeanee! It was about $1k total, after discount, tax, shipping. The one on Diabro was a few hundred more, but then there would have been the customs or whatever. (Lol, how'd you know I got some other stuff?:rolleyes: Just a cashmere Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent sweater, a couple of cotton/cashmere t-shirts from Love from YaYa and a YaYa tunic dress which I gave to my daughter out of guilt.)

    TwistedEmily: I love the black lock, too, but it's my biggest worry - everyone says the painted locks chip. Don't know what I'll do about that.:s

    Vic aka ILoveMyBug aka ILoveMyBag: No worries - I don't really care about threadjacking, personally...may upset others, but I'm fine with it.:supacool: I want to see the pics, too...hoping there's a bag to go with that lock!