*PICS* Anthracite VS Plomb VS Black

  1. I know some people have been comparing Plomb and Anthracite so here are some pictures. The regular hardware is the black, the giant gold is the anthracite and the giant silver is the plomb. All very unique =) These pictures are taken in un-natural light. (The sun has already gone down) Sorry girls!


  2. Those are great comparison pictures! I saw the three together at Barneys and I would say that's pretty accurate. Should be especially helpful for those debating Plomb vs. Anthracite!
  3. Thanks so much, very helpful to see the comparison pics!
  4. Thank you for the comparison picture.
    Balenciaga Black, Anthracite and Plomb are so unique in their own way...
  5. Anthracite with gold is my favorite!
  6. :huh:Oh.. i like i like... great shots!
  7. Great pics, great comparison:tup:
  8. OMG! Your Anthra GH is fantastic! We're twins!
  9. I have noticed that the Steel/Plomb leather has been coming out ULTRA SMOOTH, with absolutely no creases or wrinkles :wondering I don't really like that. I prefer the wrinkles. Just not veiny/marbly.
  10. Anthracite is my favorite. So unique!!!
  11. thank you so much for posting this!
  12. Great comparison pics! Thanks for posting.
  13. great comparison pics! i see you got a pretty smooth plomb - i've seen them more wrinkly and i think that really brings out the different hues.

    your anthra is TDF also! can't get enough of it :heart:
  14. you're right, they are all unique in their own way... thanks for the pics!
  15. Fab' comparison pics!:tup:

    Looking at those pics, I can really tell that Plomb and Anthracite aren't similar at all..... I :heart: Anthra:love: