PICS: anthracite in sunlight

  1. :heart: :heart: :heart: wow, love it! looks sooooo cool--esp. on ur cute son!
    this is not good...I thought I didn't like I am falling in love after seeing ur pics of it in direct sunlight!
  2. Oh, THANK YOU for these pics (your son is too cute!). This color is going to be THE HIT of this season, I predict. It's magical-looking.
  3. Thank you so much for posting sunlight pics of anthracite. It looks great!
  4. I like the bag, but your son is the star. Thanks for the pics!
  5. 0o0o0 thanks for posting up extra pics, esiders!!!
  6. Thanks for the pic, esiders! I always thought anthracite would have a gray tinge... looks so green!
  7. Your son is adorable!!
  8. Yes, I too think that anthracite is not gray at all, but a deep blue-green, from all the pics I've seen.
  9. LOVE that colour!!! Love your choice of style too!

    your son is a doll!
  10. Thank you very much for the pictures. Your son is adorable, anthracite, I still can't figure out.:confused1: It looks absolutely nothing like I was expecting. I think this is one that you have to see in person.
  11. Your son is too cute! Thanks for the pictures! :smile:
  12. Thanks for the pics!! Your son is so cute!!! I am with you powder, I am still confused by anthracite.
  13. Oooh I love the color :heart:!! thanks for sharing.
    btw your son is adorable! :smile:
  14. Ahhh what a star your son is - so cute :love:

    I really like the look of anthracite in your pics but in others I m not so keen. I think Power is right - it's one you need to see for yourself IRL :yes: