Pics and review of Extra Courier from Bluefly

  1. My Courier from Bluefly also turned out to be an Extra Courier. It's going back, because it's huuuuggggggeee. But if anyone is looking for an extremely large bag, this one is gorgeous!

    I wasn't sure what color it would be, because Bluefly just described it as "blue" Turns out that it's Marine. The color is gorgeous. It looks brighter in the pics because of the flash. The leather itself is really nice and smooshy. And there's alot of leather!

    Here are some pics:




  2. ^^ wowza, that's one HUGE bag :nuts:

    p.s. thanks for the photos girl, that's what it would have looked like on me too :p
    p.s. wish i was a guy so i could carry it off, because the leather was TDF, c'est la vie!!!
  3. The color is lovely!!!

    and yes, it's GINORMOUS :nuts:

    but really pretty.
  4. I know. DH tried it on. I thought it looked pretty good on him, but he refused to let me take a picture
  5. DAMN thats a big bag!!!
  6. No kidding! (but it is pretty!)
  7. Ooooh, me likey:drool::drool::heart:

    I love huge bags:heart:.....but I don't think I can pull that off either(I'm 5'3"). Wish I had been taller!!!!
  8. Hi Angela! How are you? :smile:

    I think it looks great on you, actually. Especially in the first pic. :yes:

    Love the marine color!
  9. When are U going to send it back, and sorry that i am so rude to ask. How much was it.
    I would dy for such a nice big bag, was it on sales?
    Thanx FX:heart:
  10. I've got it in black, and I love it!! But one of the tassels recently split..which totally pissed me off!
  11. That is a Very Very large bag! Wow!

    Its a super colour, I like!
  12. Wow that is hugebut a beautiful color!
  13. Wow, big bag!! Great color.
  14. I LOVE the color, so rich!
  15. that is really one HUGE bag...the color is gorgeous tho...I like...^_^