pics and prices Van Cleef & Arpels???

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  1. Anyone have pics and prices for any Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry??? My anniversary is comming up and I am looking for earrings and a matching bracelet set from the Alhambra line.

    Thanx in advance!!!
  2. The bracelets run about $1800 and up. I saw one pair of dangly earrings for about $4k.

    Alhambra is TDF! They have a good selection on their website. Then, you can call the store and they are happy to give you prices.
  3. Not sure if you already found what you were looking for but here are some pics. The pendant is the centennial piece. The bracelet is very similiar to the second necklace just smaller. Love the VCA Alhambra jewelry! Good luck! :yes:
    cent.pendant.jpg vintage ahambra mop2.jpg
  4. I am loving this line let us know what you get!
  5. This jewelry is so beautiful! I wish I had even just one piece. I don't know the prices at all, but I have a feeling it's well out of my range.
  6. I am totally loving this line since I saw Reese Witherspoon with all these cute necklaces... I've been dropping hints to DH about these!
    I think the necklaces are about $4000 and up
  7. The necklace looks so cute on Reese, she wears them so casually. I was really turned off when I saw the same necklace on Paris Hilton.:yucky: I love VCA, I've been wearing them for over 10 years.(I can't afford most of their stuff though :sad: ) Here are some pics. :drool: :drool: :drool:
    vca ring 1.JPG VCA diamond.jpg VCA 2.jpg VCA watch & bracelet.jpg
  8. twigski, I love your ring! Would love to add that to my set one day.
  9. Thank you, I luv it! I use to have the one motif necklace you posted in onyx but I sold it! I soooo regret it now!:cursing:
  10. twigski: love your ring!!

    I just got the vintage alhambra MoP and Onyx bracelets for Mother's Day. I love them, too!
  11. I saw the pics in another post. :drool::drool: If you don't mind me asking how much was your MOP bracelet?
  12. yes...prices please...very beautiful collection ladies...and thanx for posting pics!!!

  13. Ahh..why did you sell it? Love it in onyx! At least they are classics and will be around if you want to get another. :graucho:
  14. Yeah! Congrats! Missed the pics you posted. Will try to do a search for them.
  15. It was a gift from someone I'd rather forget.:yucky: I sold it when VCA was not as popular as it is today. I got close to what was paid for it but not anything near how much I could have sold it for today. Oh well.... I got it free anyway. I'm saving up for the MOP 10 motif now ;)