*PICS* Almond Stam is available at shoptwigs!

  1. (source: shoptwigs.com)
    Quintessential Marc Jacobs style, this iconic bag is on the top of wish-lists world-wide! A decadent combination of almond-hued quilted leather with signature gold hardware provides a timelessly chic look we can't get enough of! Zip top. Made in Italy. Lined in Italian canvas. 10"H x 16"W x 6"D.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. ^ Shoptwigs' pictures usually show the real-life colors well.

    Ladies, do you like Almond? I think it looks nice.
  3. It's a nice neutral color, more muted than I imagined. As for my own preference, if I was getting a stam, I'd wait for some other colors to appear. I'm curious about the cobalt.
  4. Wowza! Another gorgeous bag....yummy!!!:nuts:
  5. It's really pretty! :love: However, I'm just wondering why he would name two different colors with the same name? Cause the old season almond has more like a beige with teal linings.
  6. Interesting to note that the interior zipper is lined with leather on top of the black canvas.
  7. I agree with thithi...the color does seem very low key.....I would love to see the blue. The color will give it that much more character.
  8. Soft Calf colors often get repeated, the details are never the same though. Colors that were done more than once: Black (every season), White, Ivory, Linen, Amethyst, Olive, Emerald, Tapioca, etc.

    For Quilted line, Black and Ivory are done more than once. This is the 1st time Almond is available in Quilted line though.
  9. Most of the recent colors for quilted Stam are neutral. Except for Saddle Brown, other R06 Stam colors are not as dark as F06's Mouse, Chestnut, Whiskey. If you are interested in color, Topaz (teal) might be your choice.

    Lining is dark brown (chocolate colored) canvas.
  10. Oh...I really love the brown lining. I remember being slightly concerned over the cream-colored cavnas lining of the Fall 06 Stams - that they would get noticeably dirty.
  11. Beautiful! Actually the color looks very close to my cashew hobo Stam.
  12. ^ The colors are pretty close. =) The noticable differences are the stitching (color) and interior details.