PICS ALERT: would u add a purseket?

  1. any comments? ms. bucket goes out for her first day tomorrow after being locked in the closet!
    CIMG0994.JPG CIMG0996.JPG
  2. I would def add a pursket...probably a medium will helps you organize your things and make it much easier to take things in and out of! love it! I remember last time I tried on the bucket...I found it so deep
  3. Gorgeous ms. bucket! :heart:

    I'll just leave it as is. I won't add a purseket.
  4. hmm........................and even if i get a purseket..what color should i get?
    im afraid after adding a purseket, the bag won't hv too much room (in the middle)
  5. i dont think i'll need a purseket for it.
  6. I'd leave it, unless you tote around alot of loose little things. I just carry my LV agenda (which doubles as my wallet), sunglass case, keys, and Sidekick. I don't use pursekits even with my speedy bags:smile:
  7. The bucket looks ok without a purseket for me. I'd be afraid that it would be too full with one :shrugs: I guess it all depens on personal taste.

    btw, sorry, if this is OT, but could anybody who uses a purseket tell me whether it's just made from fabric or whether it's stabilized with cardboard or plastic inside?

    I was thinking about ordering one, but with international shipping it comes close to 50$ (without custom fees, which lately I always had to pay :cursing: ) which I don't feel like spending on a purseket.

    My grandma is a tailor (is that how you say it?!) and she told me she would try to make one for me, so I'm trying to get all the infos I need now :shame:

    Thanks for your help :flowers:
  8. Nah, you have so little stuff.
  9. I guess if youre the type who likes everything organized you can probably get a small purseket. But if you dont mind fisshing around to get something out then dont get one. I personally wouldnt get one:shame:
  10. here is the link with info regarding the pursket otherwise you can go to the site, Purseket, the original purse pockets. Put it in a Purseket and Dig No More!
  11. I love the purseket and sell them on eBay and in a small shop.........everyone needs a purseket but then I sell them so there you go.
  12. Small purseket if you feel you need more organization. Otherwise leave as is - I don't use a Purseket in my Marais.

    It also doesn't hurt to have more than one Purseket - I have one in every size...

    Rensky, does that mean you are keeping her?
  13. I have a contact that sells Pursekets for less than retail. PM me if you are interested. :yes:
  14. yes..! this is my only shoulder bag and i'd love to keep her! too much damier for me,...i think i need a bit of a change!plus im sure it'll make a good school bag for the rest of the 3 months i'm in grad school :smile::jammin:

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