Pics Alert: Guess What the UPS delivery dude brought???

  1. It's HERE!!!
    Blue10.JPG Blue11.JPG
  2. o0o0o what's in the box luv? :graucho:

    could it be blueberry messenger? :yahoo:
  3. Dude, open the box or die!!!!


    :flowers: :angel:
  4. I think it's not a Magenta First:roflmfao: ....

    Ok stop joking : pics please :yahoo: !!!
    did you notice I try to write in Blueberry:graucho: ...
  5. patience darlings!! Im still working on pics!!! Im dying here!! It's gorgeous.
  6. :yahoo: come the dang thing!!

    BTW, nice shorts....:graucho:
  7. :noggin: :smash: :sos:

    Seriously, we're dying over here!:sad:
  8. Introducing a new member of my balenciaga family!

    Blueberry Day Messenger Bag. Its fabulous, its roomy. The hardware is different..kinda like Gunmetal color. LOVE IT. It goes well with the Blueberry color!!!

    The leather is THICK and supple! Straps is durable and its darker
    Navy-ish color. The pics is taken with flash, indoors. There is an "indoor" pics is with NO Flash and no lights..but looks dark..but in normal light The color is gorgeous and VIBRANT!!!! It looks COOL outdoors, which I havent taken any pics yet.

    IMO..its looked more vibrant than INK. Im glad I purchased this!

    Thanks for all your support.
    Blue3.JPG Blue4.JPG Blue5.JPG Blue6.JPG Blue7.JPG Blue8.JPG
  9. esider: Thanks for the compliments it's my boxers!! :P are all great. Thanks again.
  10.'s :drool:

    The leather looks friggin amazing!!
  11. *WOLF WHISTLES* That's hot!
  12. :wtf: :drool: :yahoo: :wlae: :rochard: :party:
    Congrats !!!!
    Just perfect :love: : leather !!!colour!!!
  13. Lovely!:heart: :heart:
  14. it looks great. congrats!
  15. the color is gorgeous!!

    BTW did they change the straps on the day/hobo for 06?