PICS ADDED!PAGE 3!...The Jills do from the MeltingPot!!Lol!

  1. So Jill from NJ ran away from home...well for one night anyway....!!!Im with my buddy Jillybean!!
    we are at the Melting Pot restaurant in Virginia!!!!!!! Woohoo...a few choc martinis to from Jills Iphone............
    PS-live drunk blogging rules.......!!!!
  2. Aha you escapee you !! Glad you're both having fun !!
  3. Now what proddies is Jill going to come with home.
  4. wuh oh! you kids be safe now!
  5. Ps-we took a taxi......lmao
  6. ^^^good move! Girl weekends are so fun.
  7. I wanna play. When are the Jills coming to LA? They make choco martinis here too - Shoo can't have em tho...
  8. Have fun, girls!!!!!
  9. we r drinking lemondrop martinis at a hoppin bar ......LOL
  10. Goodbye drunk dialing and drunk texting! haha

    Hope you guys had fun!
  11. Jill , How did you like the melting POT- isnt it great.
    I love the way they do their food. The taste is so so light..
  12. I just love drunk blogging!
  13. Ahhh, My favorite!
  14. No new reports? Headache today??
  15. LOL we were both soooo hungover this morning. Thank goodness for Starbucks! Jill already headed home for a picnic at her DD's school, and we both discovered the bad side of having me live in a college town- FOOTBALL TRAFFIC! She got stuck is soooo much traffic trying to get home. I felt so bad!

    HAHAHA I also taught the Jersey girl how to pump her own gas. HILARIOUS!

    I can't wait for her to visit again. I miss my friend.