*Pics* Accessories at Woodbury Outlet

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  1. I called and they sent me a few pics, so I added the pricing in green and ordered a few myself. Some good stuff so it was too good to not share with all of you.

    Just call them if you are interested in placing an order and they will ship it to you for $15.

    Ok the pdf is too large so here is the link:
  2. thanks for posting!
  3. Thank you so much for sharing!!
  4. Thanks! I love their bargains.
  5. Darn it - I can't get the attachment to work for me...

    : (
  6. Thanks! It was fun to "window shop." If I hadn't already bought 2 handbags this week, I'd be all over this.
  7. You are so sweet to do this!!

    Pics work for me now... Ugh - i'm trying soooo hard to be good!

    (how much were the keyrings?)

    h-e-l-p!!!!!!!!! SOS SOS SOS
  8. ^^Beux, the froggy is just $89....not so bad! :graucho:

    Sorry, your SOS is futile here. :shame: But hey, it's just a 'lil bitty thing and it's on sale!!
  9. Beautiful! Thanks for posting. Those are really some great colors :yes:
  10. ....and in my rush to enable, I forgot to say thank you Bunkie for posting the goodies!!
  11. Thank you! Very sweet of you to post.
  12. Yes, I hope that a fellow TPFer might find a great deal here for herself. Btw, I got the orange long zip wallets (2).

    Also, just so you know, that pink/brown looking clutch with the buckle in the middle is snakeskin ($689 or something)

    So glad that you enjoy! I have the pics of the bags too... You can find that at http://www.shinlegalgroup.com/bagsbv.pdf
    I originally didn't upload because I didn't think the response would be this great.

    I am not sure about the keyrings because initially I only asked about the items I was interested in... but you can always call them at (845) 928-4563 to inquire. Good luck!
  13. Ohhhh! I want to go to the outlets! :graucho: But DH so isn't going to let me leave the state w/o asking where I am going...mmm...I want BV!
  14. Order it, dear! That's what I did!

    I live in SoCal... there is a BV outlet here too at Cabazon but the size is like 1/4 that of Woodbury
  15. Bunkie, thank you so much for sharing these with us. =)

    Congrats on your wallets.

    I love your super adorable avatar.