PICS - 2nd Gen. OP Tokidoki White - GIOCO & BAMBINONE

  1. Here they are!

    Mmmmm .... I love the Original Print but can't help feel a little sad. They bags would've looked so much better with colorful hardware.
  2. But the bags are still very lovely!
  3. Love the gioco!!
  4. aaawwww I can't see them I get " Image does not exist" Congrats on your new bags
  5. aw i can't see the pics. :confused1:
  6. i cant see them either ;[
  7. Cant see them either, but im sure its lovely!
  8. aww i cant see the pics either :sad: sure it looks great! congrats!
  9. image doesnt exist =(
  10. no pics!!! can you fix it so we can see?? :smile:
  11. yes, please repost! i ordered one from SH outlet but from what i hear, my print placement on the front has mostly tulips and stars with sandy partially cut off and the back has all the cactus friends. too bad i can't do toki surgery on mine and swap the back for the front but i'll post pics when i get it. it just got shipped out yesterday so it will take awhile before it lands here :sad:
  12. notti notti - someone removed my pics from the host ..

    I'm not at home right now but will repost when I get to my comp ...

    Why would anyone do tht?
  13. Very nice.:tup: It's so strange to see the OP on a Gioco. But strange in a good way!:yes:
  14. So cute! Congrats