pics --- 2 new prada wallets and little pouch ---

  1. Prada's Fall/Winter small accessories are so cute!

    No idea what they are so here's what's on my receipts:

    "Portaf.pat vit.daino antik bronzo tu" - $365.
    Two-tone wallet in dark gold/bronze and black.



    "Busta con nappa gauffre'anti rosso tu" - $265.


    "Portafogli Spazzolato nero tu" - $365.
    This is an adorable little wallet that opens like an envelope.

  2. Very nice - I especially like the first one!
  3. Congrats, they're sooo cute - i love all three!
  4. Congrats, very cute! I like the color of the first wallet.
  5. Ohhh goodness, congrats congrats! I'm envious! :} They're gorgeous!
  6. Love the cute envelope look!
  7. Oh there all so lovely!!! I especially love the first and last ones... heart ache!!! :heart::heart::heart:

    Can I ask if thats in US dollars?
  8. Good for you -- like the first best.
  9. Where did you buy the Gauffre wallet for such a low price?? I had to pay over $400 for mine. :sad:
  10. The red one? It's a little pouch, not a wallet. :yes:

    And yes, $USD. Although I'm in Hawaii - prices might be a little different than elsewhere in the US, not sure.

    Thanks guys! I put all my stuff into my bronze/black wallet last night and I'm lovin' it.
  11. Oh, okay. That makes me feel better :roflmfao: They are ALL gorgeous EmilyK!!
  12. I'm digging the first two especially!! I've been trying to find the second one forever and none of my SA's know what the heck I'm talking about!!!!!! :cursing:

    I might have to bring in a pic!
  13. Nice purchases! I especially love the gauffre one... Color is so vibrant! :drool:
  14. Hawaii, great! I'll be there in November.. yay! sounds like shopping heaven : )
  15. Great purchases!
    I have the red gauffre pouch..its great for storin yer cash and cards inside when u r using a small bag at night!