*pics* '06 damask city

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  1. okay, so i was going to wait until tomorrow to post pics of my new damask city (thx liz!!!!!) so i could also include modeling shots (i'm in sweats and my bf's sweater)

    but i can't wait! here is her first modeling shot! i love her!!!!:love:

    Attached Files:

  2. GORGEOUS!!:love: Congrats on such a rare find, Loveffany!:yahoo:
  3. Congrats. This is a classic. I love it!
  4. Love it! Congrats
  5. :huh:Oh cOngrats~! Can't wait to see mOdelin' piCs :tup:
  6. Congrats.:yahoo: Enjoy it.:flowers:
  7. thank you girls! i have yet to take her out. i'm so excited. i will definitely take modeling shots tomorrow and post! yayay!!!
  8. it's a beauty congrats! i want one too!
  9. congrats! very nice!
  10. CONGRATS!!! She looks GORGEOUS!!!
  11. My dream bag...and what turned me on to Bbags in the first place. I wish I had gotten one then...
  12. Gorgeous! When these came out they were all over ebay for next to nothing, now they are rare and highly desired. Great find!!!
  13. I LOVE it, I can't wait to see your modeling pictures! Congratulations!
  14. its gorgeous!!! i wish i could find a new one..
  15. wow great piece !! modeling pics modeling pics !!! :P